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The Fantasticks

 I had the opportunity to create a reworking of the Fantasticks into a seven person show.  I combined The Mute into El Gallo; to tidy up the narrative and pull some of the "clunk" out of it.  Also, we conceived the show around the idea of repurposed and upcycled physical materials.  The entire set was made out of discarded material and salvage- that we acquired locally, from plastic bags to barn wood.  It got a lot of nice attention and rave reviews. Notably that I "pumped fresh air into this musty old musical (Harrisburg Patriot)"  We did not change a word or a note, just refocused it.  

My team is available and interested to recreate this version of the show around the country using pieces and salvage from your local area.  Please enjoy some photos and video below.

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