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Ryan is trusted by Producers like Disney and Andrew Lloyd Webber to make great things happen. His expertise lies in 20 years of experience in thoughtful storytelling and high stakes problem solving in the field of theatre and live entertainment,


Working in pressurized and overwhelming situations his entire professional life, Ryan helps people and organizations find their voice and tackle their projects and own their solutions!

Before working with Ryan, his clients often found themselves:​​

  • Confusion on how to strategically organize for a life moment.

  • Disappointed in their success with articulating their narrative for a work or life project.

  • Unmotivated to begin a project because they felt consumed by the Creative Vortex.

  • Unsure how to begin a difficult conversation at work or home.

  • Intimidated to know where to start in building their brand or keeping their work current as a freelancer.

  • Intimidated by their participation in the negotiation process.

  • Overwhelmed with a large scale project.

  • Uncomfortable with public speaking/speech writing.

The common thread Ryan untangled for all his clients is "not knowing where the roadmap starts and how to navigate it."

Whether that work is a corporate setting, a freelance engagement or a personal "life" project.  Empowering his clients to have peace of mind, confidence and pride in their work is what he does.   Clients tell Ryan they can feel a boost in confidence, fulfillment and the ability to sleep well at night over it.

Ryan has shared successful coaching time with Arts Industry professionals and others from all career paths who are overwhelmed and struggling to find their own narrative at work.  By defining "how you fit into a team" or "how you find and use your voice in a room", Ryan gives you the tools to be in control of your own advancements in work and in life.

Ryan’s laser focus, good humor and open mindedness have made him a well-respected consultant.  Holding a BA in Communications from Marywood University, his thoughtful conversation springs from an established career in the Arts Community as a producer, director, stage manager, designer, and educator. 


Ryan has contributed to prominent commercial and non-profit entertainment projects on Broadway, across the country and around the world. 


He pulls from his “hands on” and “in the room” time with such producers and creatives as:


Cameron Mackintosh, Andrew Lloyd Webber and The Disney Theatrical Group. 


His credits include productions such as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Wicked, School of Rock, Rent, Avenue Q, The Drowsy Chaperone, Elf: The Musical, Mary Poppins, Chicago: The Musical and MANY MORE. 


Additionally, Ryan has produced work for such entertainment legends as Bernadette Peters and Chita Rivera.  His unique perspective and transparent approach will shed relatable and practical light into your journey and process.

Personally, Ryan enjoys photography, jazz, collecting vintage pop culture and cooking.  He lives in Lancaster, PA with his wife (Amy), son (Anderson) and cat (Gumbo.)

Reach out today for a free 20 minute consultation, and let's find a challenge to overcome together!



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Ryan is a life coach on the team at Nickischer and Associates.
You may also book Ryan directly through this website!
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