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Ryan is a respected Director, Producer and Stage Manger from The Broadway Community with over 20 years of experience in narrative driven storytelling, supervising intellectual property and industry-specific problem solving. 

Ryan is available for short term or long term mentoring/instructing.  He was adjunct faculty for Messiah College and taught The Principals of Lighting Design.  Moreover, he has been a guest lecturer/ given master classes for Wagner College, The Stage Manager's Association, Marywood University, Hillberry College, Dickinson College, The APTC Conservatory, Franklin and Marshall College and The Servant Stage Company.  Along with countless private acting and voice studios.  In 2022 Ryan was invited to join the Stage Management Mentorship Program for USITT.  Ryan often works as a Stage Management Mentor for Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA.

His credentials are impeccable and his passion for helping guide the next generation of Theatre Artists is immeasurable.

WorkING  with Students

Education In Action

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Are your students looking for perspectives and voices from the recent Broadway Community? Don’t have enough full-time instructors to cover all the bases? Not enough resources to commit to additional adjunct? Invite me in for a single or multi-day master class or a short-term mentorship!

Ryan makes helpful and thoughtful custom spaces for your students or teammates.

It would be so excite to work together! Please download a copy of the one-sheeter to the left to get a conversation started!

Guest Director @ Wagner College

Guest Lectures 

USITT 2022 - SMMP Stage Management Mentor


Guest Judge at 2016 Encore Awards 

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