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"Defining your narrative in a workspace"
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This is a tough season of life for so many people! How do you be a supportive team member WHILE prioritizing your care and finding your voice at work?  

I talk with so many folks who are feeling their work environment is too consuming and unhealthy for them.  But they don't have a path through that feels manageable for them to get their work-universe back on the rails.


Or maybe they don't know how to navigate a job interview or negotiate in a successful way.


BEFORE YOU BURN IT ALL DOWN and walk away from the career that you built- let's get you support!  So you can have the tools to have agency over YOUR ideas and keep YOU safely above the fumes in a toxic workspace.  

  • Frustrated with your success rate for achieving work/life balance and goals?

  • Intimidated by your participation in the negotiation process?

  • Disappointment in your success with articulating your narrative for a workspace or can't seem to find your voice?

  • Unsure how to begin a difficult conversation with colleagues?

  • Feel like you cannot get yourself noticed above the noise without playing gross "office games?"

You know you are capable, you know what you can bring to the table, you can see where you want your next step to be!  But you are getting lost in ALL THE THINGS!

Coming from over 20 years of complicated navigation in high profile producing offices

that can inhale you like quicksand, Ryan built:



"Defining your narrative in a workspace"


Life is too short to be overwhelmed at work, unsure how to advocate for yourself or ask for the career advancement you deserve.

What would happen if you could? 

  • Take a deep dive into your workplace structure and process to find the opportunities to help you shine and grow.

  • Create sample language and talking points to have you ready to navigate difficult conversations in real time.

  • Get your emotional toolbox ready for negotiation and advancement conversations.

  • Build a lifestyle that has the work/life balance you are seeking, using only the elements of your work that you currently have agency over.

  • Meeting the anxiety that accompanies these challenges and conquering it!

  • Maximizing your unique voice and style, so that your work has your thumbprint on it and reflects your authentic self.


That's exactly what the

"Defining your narrative in a workspace" program will do for you!

  • Go from overwhelming and uncertain professional moments to focused and satisfying solutions.

  • Attaining peace of mind about your work with an outcome that makes it easy to sleep at night.

  • Present yourself and work in a new exciting light.

  • Being set up for success on your next challenge.

  • Career advancement and fulfillment.

  • More eager to engage in dence or complicated work in the future.

  • You will want to share your journey with everyone.

  • Clearer understanding of your skillset and what you bring to the table.

  • Be in a position to better support your team or colleagues.

What's included?

  • One on one sessions of curated advice (live or virtual.)

  • 4 discounted one hour sessions with a complimentary 20 minute consultation.

  • Digital feedback and edit suggestions on speeches and documents from Ryan.

  • Rehearsal sessions on presentation or speech giving with Ryan.

  • Resources and referrals to other professionals in Ryan's network.

  • Commitment to meeting clients at any comfort or experience level.

  • Transparency on the Gibbsology process and strategy.

  • Between session exercises to help "connect the dots" sooner and more clearly.

Each Program includes: a 20 minute consultation PLUS
4 discounted sessions!

You may book Ryan directly through this website!


Gibbsology - G map - round_edited.jpg

defining your narrative in a workspace

 engaging freelance & the long game

Gibbsology - G map - round_edited.jpg
Gibbsology - G map - round_edited.jpg
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