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Ryan is a respected Director, Producer and Stage Manger from The Broadway Community with over 20 years of experience in narrative driven storytelling, supervising intellectual property and industry-specific problem solving. 

Ever wondered how some aspect of this business works?  Feel like you are on the outside looking into the Broadway process?  Does your theatre company or institution feel stuck and ready for some fresh ideas and an "insider" perspective?  Wondering how to get a programming plan that works for both you AND your audience?

Ryan has successfully transformed a small professional theatre, built out show management teams for highly branded intellectual properties and negotiated on both sides of entertainment collective bargaining agreements.

Pull from Ryan's “hands on” and “in the room” time with such producers and creatives as Cameron Mackintosh, Andrew Lloyd Webber and The Disney Theatrical Group.  His credits include productions such as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Wicked, School of Rock, Rent, Avenue Q, The Drowsy Chaperone, Elf: The Musical, Mary Poppins, Chicago: The Musical and MANY MORE.  Additionally, Ryan has produced work for such entertainment legends as Bernadette Peters and Chita Rivera.  His unique perspective and transparent approach will shed relatable and practical light into your journey and process.


  • Spending too much time wondering "How do they do this on Broadway?" or "How do other companies like mine navigate a moment like this?" and "How can I make this idea work HERE for US?"

  • Intimidated by your participation in the negotiation process or engaging a Union?

  • Disappointment in your success rate in articulating what your organization does best?

  • Unsure how to begin a difficult conversation with colleagues?

  • Feel like you cannot find programming for your company that is sustainable and has variety?

You know what you and your team are rockstars at! But you can't find the way to break through the roadblocks and get those burning questions answered? 

Check out these program results:

  • Go from overwhelming and uncertain obstacles to focused and satisfying solutions.

  • Attaining peace of mind about your season and programming.

  • Present your company and shows in a new exciting light.

  • Being set up for success on your next staffing or casting power move.

  • Find yourself more eager to engage in complicated & rewarding projects in the future.

  • Clearer understanding of what unique narrative your company brings to the market.

  • Be in a position to better support your team or colleagues.

Things we will tackle: 

  • Taking deep dive into your workplace structure and process to find the opportunities to help you shine and grow.

  • Creating sample language and talking points to have you ready to navigate negotiations and production/staff meetings in real time.

  • Building a workplace culture and product that has the balance you are seeking.

  • Maximizing your unique voice and style, so that your theatre's work has your thumbprint on it and reflects what makes your company authentic and awesome!

Sound Familiar?

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