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"owning personal Project Management"
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You know you are smart, you know you can nail it, and you can see where the finish line is!  But, you thought the map would appear, and it hasn't.  I can help you be your own mapmaker.  

So that you can go from overwhelming and uncertain moments in life to focused and satisfying solutions.

  • Do you have what feels like a major life project or event to fit into your already jam-packed life?  

  • Overwhelmed trying to prepare large scale project or presentation for work?  

  • Need to organize a community or work event?  

  • Trying to make plan to make a significant purchase?

  • Don't know how to plan a huge trip?

  • Have to settle an estate or work your life around a home renovation/change? 

  • Have to write or make a speech and don't know where to start?

  • Changing careers fast and don't know how to keep up with the moving pieces?

  • Unmotivated to begin while being stuck in the Creative Vortex?

Whether it's by choice or if it was dropped into your lap, you've been tasked with a personal project without the time or bandwidth to complete it.  You know it has to get done and you are not willing to do it with less than your best...

But how do you give the project the attention and space it needs when you're already spread SO THIN??  Did you hear someone else mention they ACTUALLY have the time to enjoy thier life?  

 Don't worry, there's a solution! 

Calling on 20 plus years of experience in problem solving and leadership for theatre professionals like Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cameron Mackintosh, Disney and dozens of others.  Ryan created 

The "owning personal Project Management" Program

  Getting it done!

Ryan 's process gets the overwhelming aspects of a project sorted in ways that let you sleep well at night and enjoy the freedom of a job well done and a life well lived!

Things we will tackle in our coaching together: 

  • Identifying the goals and making a map to get it done, but built around your schedule.

  • Organizing your information in a way that serves you best.

  • Building timelines you can work with and stick to.

  • Strategizing your communications with your team or vendors to be stress free and effective.

  • Meeting the anxiety that accompanies these challenges and conquering it!

  • Maximizing your unique voice and style, so that a completed project has your thumbprint on it and reflects your authentic self.


How we get the work done:

  • One on one sessions of curated advice (live or virtual.)

  • A 20 minute consultation plus 4 discounted sessions.

  • Digital feedback and edit suggestions on speeches and documents from Ryan.

  • Rehearsal sessions on presentation or speech giving with Ryan.

  • Resources and referrals to other professionals in Ryan's network.

  • A commitment to meeting clients at any comfort or experience level.

  • Transparency on the Gibbsology process and strategy.

  • Between session exercises to help "connect the dots" sooner and more clearly.

Check out these program results:

  • Getting you from overwhelming and uncertain moments to focused and satisfying solutions.

  • Going from being afraid to start the work to being amazed by your accomplishments..

  • Quieting the distractions that eat into your bandwidth.

  • "Nailing it" on projects that you are so proud of that you will want to hang them on your fridge!

Each Program includes: a 20 minute consultation PLUS
4 discounted sessions!

You may book Ryan directly through this website!


owning personal project management

Gibbsology - G map - round_edited.jpg

defining your narrative in a workspace

 engaging freelance & the long game

Gibbsology - G map - round_edited.jpg
Gibbsology - G map - round_edited.jpg
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